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What features do you want in GPU Tweak?

Level 15
As title - what features do you want or think we are missing in GPU Tweak? Please list them below with a short description of what the feature should do.
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Level 7
Load last settings/profile on's a must.

Level 7
Seriously, we need OSD. Why can't GPU Tweak incorporate that along?!

Level 10
Well the last 2 releases, and, Both crash on startup so a stable version would be nice 🙂

Level 10
How about 2 simple things from you Asus -

1. Actually announce you have a new version of GPU Tweak out instead of us having to go hunting.

2. Include a change log.

Make it so when you have more than one gpu it correctly identifies the Asus product and allow you to switch from gpu to gpu.
Mine get locked in my secondary gpu rendering the app totally useless.

Level 10
Just tested the newly released and it's same story as with the 2 previous releases, It crashes upon startup.

Asus why do you not test these before you release them ? It's obvious they are buggy and don't work. is the latest stable version.

I have two 970s in SLI and would love to be able to see the time series data that GPU monitor shows for both cards at the same time. Switching between the two is makes it very hard to compare the data.

Level 7
one word:
a stable version!!!
no new futures ,before stable...

Level 7
Rock stable!!! before new features

Level 7
I'll second the multiple monitoring widgets as I run a Crossfire rig myself.

The other thing I don't see but would love is the ability to set a default fan profile. Yes we have power saving and gaming, and we can save others, but there's no apparent way to automatically set a default profile when it launches. I've saved a custom profile and have to manually select it every time I boot up my PC.