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What features do you want in GPU Tweak?

Level 15
As title - what features do you want or think we are missing in GPU Tweak? Please list them below with a short description of what the feature should do.
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Level 7
So I went back to the beginning of this thread and saw that people have been asking for FPS display since January of last year. Does Asus have any plans to implement this? I'm hoping Marshall or someone from Asus can answer this.

Level 7
OSD please. Having a Matrix card it'd be nice to monitor Vdroop, MemTemps and everything else.

Level 7
Another vote for OSD

Level 7
I cant believe no one here is awake enough to realise that the most important missing feature is to raise the minimum permissible voltage on Kepler's to 1175 (as opposed to the 1150 it is set to now). Even that 0.025mV fluctuation is 4 fps up and down arbitrarily.

ASUS GPU Tweak is the ONLY GPU oc program that is useful!

EVGA Precision X has inconsistent mhz values from one load up to the next (when comparing side by side with GPU-Z), so absolutely useless for overclocking, MSI Afterburner (essentially the same as Precision X) doesn't even allow you to change or monitor voltages. How useful is that!

Level 7
I'd like to see the "Sync all cards" feature implemented more intuitively - Like check boxes for each card perhaps, instead of wondering if RED text means ON or OFF... Who Knows???
Also, v. does not SAVE "sync all cards" settings to any profile - I'd like to see this fixed so I don't have to tell it what to do every time my computer reboots.

Level 7
I have a Asus r9 280X DCII and an I have a Asus r9 280X DCII Top, and I can tweak only the non-top. WTF?! This is ridiculous! :mad:

Level 7
The ability to set fan to 10% as its the minimum for asus r280x matrix in the ati control panel. The gpu tweak will allow only as high as 20%.

Level 7
add memory voltage controll for the r9 280x top

Level 7
Downloading ...

Level 8
Dont know if its been mentioned but i would like to be able to tie profiles into games. For example when planetside2.exe is running it will use profile 1. I switchg profiles when i am not gaming to the power saving mode and its kinda tedious.

I got the idea from my razer mouse. When x program is active it uses these settings but in y program it uses these settings.
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