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What features do you want in GPU Tweak?

Level 15
As title - what features do you want or think we are missing in GPU Tweak? Please list them below with a short description of what the feature should do.
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I tried using afterburner and evga precision but both doesn't support the GTX580 Matrix -_-
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Dovber90 wrote:
I'd like an overlay in games (including bf3) that shows u the info available, gpu temp, fan speed etc as well as fps

you would think being ROG and on a strix 1070 that you would have a better OSD 😞 atm im using NZXT Cam software so i can monitor my system while in game but being able to pick what I want to see like GPU temp GPU fan speed & CPU temp , a custom OSD would be awesome and being able to place the OSD in any corner and it to be part of GPU Tweak 2

I recently switched my 3 PWM fans from the mainboard to the FanConnects on my GTX Strix 1080 and really like that feature.
Then I've noticed, the minimum GPU temp of 60 degrees which is needed to a fancurve for the fans to turn on.
The minimum initial speed then is 50%, which is a bit too high for my fans.
I recognized, after using a fan curve, where the fans are always off in idle state:

  • Water temp of my AiO cooling climbed up by 5 degrees
  • Now my AiO cooling fans are louder because of the higher temp
  • VRM temps climbed up from 33 to 44

A really cool feature would be to have a fan curve, with the fans always on during idle at about 20% (unhearable)
and only climb up to 50% at 65 degrees GPU temp or so.
Then my VRMs and Radiator temps were lower and the Rad fans slower (800 rpm unhearable)

Another good thing would be a right click menu on the tray icon to switch the profiles faster, also with all custom profiles and not only the 3 default ones.

Other than that, it's a really great tool!
thanks for that to the Dev Team!

Hello. I have tried several times to install the last version of GPU Tweak but I always receive an error 1608, error code -2147221021. Could someone help me in solving this issue?

Kind Regards

usrpaul wrote:
When clicking the close button, in stead of exiting, please make it minimize to the taskbar

simple, yet effective
I'll second this request
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"Everytime my setting passes HyperPi or Prime95, I get a boner"

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Level 9
the mighty GPU tweak!

So anyone tried it yet? discussion discussion!!!
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I have played with it just now, but I couldn't find the shader clock setting... or it's just me???
I am using a GTX 590
MB - Asus Rampage IV Extreme
CPU - I7 3930K
RAM - Corsair Vengeance 8GB X 4 (1600Mhz)
SSD- Plextor M5P 128GB x 2 (RAID 0)
Graphic - Inno 3D GTX 590
HD - WD Caviar Green 1.5TB
PS - SilverStone 1000W
Cooling - H100
Sound Card - Asus Xonar Phoebus

For it to work for my laptop XD

One thing I'd like to see is the ability to have two monitoring widgets open at once for multiple card users. I run an SLI configuration so being able to see the activity of each card would be very beneficial to me.

I'd also like to see ASUS put out more VBIOS for their cards, so that my identical cards, purchased within 6 months of each other, could have the same VBIOS, as opposed to different versions... but I don't think that's a GPU tweak feature 🙂

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It to make my Coffee in the Mornin' so I don't have to leave my computer every 2 mins...