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We need a factory image restore option in MyAsus

Level 9

**read the end**

There are so many situations where we need to be able to do a clean windows installation on our Asus machines. Having to sift through a list of drivers with horrible descriptions, confusing driver versions, and a poorly executed web UI, only to never be able to get the computer back to the way it was when you bought it, is getting pretty frustrating to say the least.

This has been a huge issue with asus for as long as I can remember and it needs to change. 

For the love of God, please include a factory image restore option in MyAsus that is actually downloadable if you’ve lost asus winre and the eSupport folder with the proprietary drivers that aren’t available on your site, or at least provide links from the publishers of those drivers that you do not own. Having to mail my laptop across the state to fix this is insane. 

edit: turns out the only place you can do a true factory image reset is in the bios. Four different asus reps couldn’t tell me that…
instructions here: