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Uninstalling GameFirst III limits download speed

Level 7
I noticed something peculiar. I had pretty bad lag (from high ping) on Overwatch, did a bit of digging and found out GameFirst III is a potential culprit. I went ahead and uninstalled it and my latency (ping) went back to normal.

However, I realized there's a rather arbitrary cap whilst downloading through browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE are some I tried). Downloading games on Steam and Origin seem to be fine as I get my ISP's rated speed.

I'm on Ethernet and I have a G752. I have another laptop with an ethernet jack and I tested it out, did a speed test and speeds were normal.

It's evident while downloading anything through a web browser. I get 2.0 MB/s max during downloading. Should I try to reinstall my network drivers? It's kind of odd as I only have this issue on my ROG laptop. I used the same speed test on my Xbox One and the results were as expected.

It's funny that I get better speeds with an app designed to limit network usage but lower when after I uninstalled it...

Speedtest on my G752 (Ethernet)

Speedtest on my Xbox One (Ethernet)