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Unable to login to Sonic Studio 3

Level 8

Unable to login to Sonic Studio 3

Asus Crosshair Dark Hero X570


Win 11 (23H2)

Few months since issue started. Not exactly sure when. I can login to Asus account fine in browser with no issues. Screenshot 2024-06-09 004410.png


Level 7

I also have the same issue too. ROG STRIX X670E-E GAMING WIFI

Come on Asus. Whats going on?

I managed to login!

Open Sonic Studio 3, Click settings ( it should be trying to login)

Click logout (as its trying to login)

Once logged out, close SS3 and Suite Companion completely (make sure its not in the tray)

Re-open SS3 then manually login.

Once logged in, restart machine and check if it auto logs in. 

Also check Asus web storage page to verify your back is there.

The backup is very inconsistent, it doesnt know how many days are in a week and probably only backs up when  you open SS3 and check if its still logged in. LOL.

Level 8

Unable to login to Sonic Studio again!

High-end hardware with crappy buggy software. Million dollar hardware, one dollar software.

From BIOS, to Sonic Studio to Armoury Crate, all riddled with bugs and errors. This is even before the Warranty issues. 

Can't even keep simple things like dates in the same format. (pic from Asus Web Storage)Screenshot 2024-06-15 001746.png

Every new update goes from bad to worse.

Sonic Studio version - 3.16.23

Audio Driver (SWC) - 3.5.1

Companion - 1.4.5