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UAC prompt at startup since Windows 10 FCU (Led Service and GPU Fan Helper)

Level 7

since I updated my Windows 10 installation to the new Fall Creators Update (build 16299.15), everytime after i log into my account, I receive these two UAC prompts:



ledcontrolservice.exe and GpuFanHelper.exe, the first one is from this package:

AURA RGB Lighting Control for Graphic card & ROG-XG-STATION-2 (needed to control heatsink leds for a GTX1080 Strix O8G VGA)

The second one is from AI Suite 3 package for my Asus Maximus VIII Extreme motherboard.

I have to press everytime "Si/Yes" to make them disappear, then I can use my computer without any issues, but you know, it's very frustrating.

Obviously I tried to reinstall the two softwares, but it didn't resolve.

What I have to do?
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Level 9
Yes, still get UAC prompts but they are more random now, in other words they do happen, but not on every boot. I am clueless at the moment as to why this might be happening.

its been 2 months and still we get this notifications for every time windows boots up,
come on asus you can do it! fix this and make us proud!

i dont know how they can not fix it. Shame for asus and nvidia :mad:

Level 9
After a second reinstall and several reboots UAC no longer popup with updates from 20-Dec-2017

Second reinstall of ?? AI Suite?

Level 7
Which Version of AISuite?

Level 9
Lighting_Control_1.05.28 + GPUTweak2_Ver1591 + AI_Suite_III_3.00.10 builds from 20-Dec-2017, at first it still gives UAC prompts, but later all is fine and clean, no popups.

Level 7
Where can I download AI_Suite_III_3.00.10 ? I can't find this Version anywhere.

Up. 2 months and no fix.