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Turbo App doesn't work with Fan Expert

Level 7
Hi guys!

I think Turbo App is really awesome, and such an amazing tool however there's a big problem about it - it only allows to load the default profiles. The problem is that there tons of different fan hardware, and motherboards, and all of them react in their own unique way with the preset default profiles. My fans, unfortunately, don't like the default "Silent" "Standard" and "Turbo" at all - on silent, it's just reacting the same way as on standard, and on standard it's just all the time medium to high speed while my fans can operate very silently, and on turbo it's just constant crazy switching between high and very high speed.

I have these great custom profiles that I fine tuned specifically to my per app needs, and they work perfectly for me, but here is my problem - I cannot automatize them with the Turbo App (which is designed for it) because it won't see the custom profiles at all, only the default ones. This is really so disappointing.

I just wanted to ask you guys could you please update the Turbo App, and allow us to load our own app-specific profiles into it?
That would be so cool! Could you please do this?

Thank you so much for reading my letter!

I just attached this image to show that there are only options for the default profiles, but in my Fan Expert I have many custom profiles which I prepared for different situations, and applications.
Thank you!