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Throne Qi and Armoury II install problem - PLZ HELP!

Level 7
Hi Folks

i just bought the Throne Qi Headset Stand for my ROG DELTA but as its not compatible or supported by the Armoury Crate (its really really sucks!!!!) i tried to install Armoury II Software (because its recommended for Throne Qi) but at 40% install fails during copying file named "ap_017c_1.02.02.exe" with "access denied"

EDIT SOLVED: I looked for other reason into my Firewall SOftware and found out that the Firewall blocked it as "threat". now it works... but strange anyway that ASUS software does a false alert in AV software. (Comodo Security)

@ ASUS: please implement Throne settings into Crate! it sucks so bad that we pay so much money and nothing works proper!!!