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SupremeFX help

Level 7
When I plug in headphones to my onboard sound on my z97 Maximus VII Ranger motherboard it pops up a box asking if I plugged in Headphones but under "Speaker configuration" I was expecting to see "Amplify level". Instead all I have is the option to switch between stereo, quad, 5.1 and 7.1.

I just bought some new headphones (Sennheiser HD 600) and while I realise I'd probably be better to buy an external amp, for now I wanted to see how they sound plugged directly to onboard sound. Everything I've read and watched tells me the SupremeFX will automatically detect impedance and set this accordingly but neither of the headphones that I have used give me the "amplify level" option.

Anyone have an idea why this might be? I'm using the latest software v6.0.1.7450.

Level 7
Can anyone confirm if the rear connection automatically detects headphone impedance, or only the front panel connection?

Level 7
its easy if you watch that bit there you see how to setup headset