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Supreme FX doesn't recognize headset ( Logitech g35 ) VIII Ranger / LGS isseus aswell

Level 7

I'm having isseus with the following programs:

My Logitech Gaming Software cannot be installed for my G510/G9x and G35 - Causes crashes -> Blue Screen Of Death -> Memory dump. So i try'd using the motherboards software ( VIII Ranger ) but My SupremeFX doesn't recognize my G35 headset in the software. USB ports works. All drivers are updated and the headset itself is recognized in Windows 7 - 64bit OS and does work with stereo settings.

Anyone know solutions?

Thanks in advance & Regards,


Level 10
Welcome to the ROG forum!

Sounds like a software/driver conflict which is causing the BSOD. You only mentioned that the headset worked in Windows 7 64-bit, so are you using Windows 10 64-bit?

I'm pretty sure this issue has to do with the headset and not the SupremeFX card. I recommend contacting Logitech to check to see if their software/driver is supported in Windows 10 and if there has been similar reports. Maybe I have just interpreted the question incorrectly, if so then please kindly clarify.

Thanks for the reply.

To awnser your question, i'm currently using Windows 7 -64 OS.

Not sure wether I want to upgrade to W10 anytime soon, since i don't like certain aspects of it such as ''key registration'' and according to the internet people suggest staying on W7 untill dx12 is out for alot of games.

Of course Supreme FX does not recognize your G35. The G35 has its own builtin USB soundcard and has nothing to do with the sound card on the motherboard. 2 different technologies that are not supposed to work together. Either use your G35 with the driver from Logitech, or use the soundcard on your motherboard with another headset without USB.