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strix raid soar/dlx/pro drivers signature

Level 7
hi i just report a driver problem with the strix raid sound card series.
the drivers supplied not the cd rom as well as all those that the asus site offers they are outdated digital signature i used the card on my old configuration without ever having any problems but since i made a new config it is impossible for me install the official drivers
the card works on my new config only instead of going through the original strix sonic studio software it is managed by sonic studio 3 but for me sonic studio 3 is obsolete because 2 problems are to be noted

1. this is not the most serious but when installing my sound card and my 5.1 sonic studio 3 kit was configured in 2.0 and the software does not offer an option to modify it unlike the original strix software sonic studio
but the problem could be solved by going through windows for 5.1

2. much more serious problem in my eyes the strix raid DLX and Pro series are sold with a hardware management wheel and this one is not at all recognized by sonic studio3 so I end up with a 150 / sound card $ 200 which is only half functional

if anyone would have more info on this?

(sorry I used google trad for the message because my english is very limited)