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Sonic Studio III Surround for 5.1 speakers not working (On Chrome)

Level 7
In Sonic Studio 3 there's an option for surround. I've a 5.1 surround pc speaker setup which the surround option works while using Media Player Classic and Spotify. (All 5 speakers will output sound even if the sound is stereo (Upmix effect works, great). But as soon as i browse the net with chrome, over youtube videos the upmixing does not do anything. Only front left and right speakers output sound. The rears and center goes mute. Will there be a fix for this?

My previous Creative Sound Card was able to handle stereo to surround upmixing on windows 7, 8 and now 10 just fine, throughout all the apps including chrome so I don't see why sonic studio is incapable of doing this. I hope there's a fix for this.. this is false advertising.. a feature that doesn't 100% work. what a joke

Level 7
It doesn't work in Chrome on my PC either. But it works with Microsoft Edge browser.
Sonic Studio ver:
Windows build: 18363.719

Level 9

I realize this post is a couple years old but it's still relevant.  I found this issue also occurs with iTunes with default settings.  However, when I change the output from WAP or the Windows Audio Session to Directsound, restart iTunes and magically, Sonic Studio III upmixes 5.1/7.1 as expected.  Not sure how one would change Chrome to output audio via Directsound but that would likely fix it there also.