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Sonic Studio III + Spotify?

Level 7
I cannot get Spotify to show up in the applications list on SS3, so the only way to get it on the speaker I want it on is to turn off device routing, make the desired device as default, restart Spotify, start playing, then re-enable the device routing. Is there I way I can manually add Spotify to the list of applications so I don't have to go through this trouble to make it work?
Patrick Thomas
Radio Operator (W∅LFR)
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Level 7
Hey there I will tell u one thing u will not get support from asus they just don t care about there users and I can tell sonic studio is pice is ****

it is not showing 70% or running applications and there is no ****ing button to add applications manually
So I can tell u they just don t care about us small people they just care about our money 🙂

Level 7

i can tell you , if you do not get support from sonic visit the page of spotify for business and  get support.