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Sonic Studio III help

Level 7
So I just upgraded my rig and I'm using the Maximus IX Formula that came with Sonic Studio. Now on the motherboard website under sound it says that the sonic studio app has a device manager and application manager but I don't get any of those options.

I also got a new sennheiser headset that came with a line-in attachment for the headset and when I plug it in, no sound comes out of the headsets and under the line In setting of RealTek HD audio it doesn't treat them as speakers where you can test sound.

Does anyone know how I can get my headset to work and why sonic studio isn't picking them up?


Hi Ludwig44

Connect your headset/mic to the pink and green jacks on the I/O panel and see if this gets them working.


Hey Nate!

I know that if I put my headset into the green and pink jack that it works but then I'd need to unplug my speakers since they are in the green jack at the moment. Is their no way I can have my speakers plugged in and my headset at the same time without using the front jacks?

I thought that was the whole reason for the sonic studio device manager, to have multiple things plugged in at once. Why would the headset come with the blue jack connector if it doesn't work with the motherboard.

Nate152 wrote:
Hi Ludwig44

Connect your headset/mic to the pink and green jacks on the I/O panel and see if this gets them working.


HI Nate,

You are the guy to go over here so I'd appreciate a lot your help man:

I've installed the last Realtek audio driver and the sonic studio + radar software. The thing is I can't get that supremeFX software in which you can see the audio devices connected, headset setup (like impedance) and the rest of the stuff). Even the PC doesn't recognize when I plug my headset in)

BTW, do you get the same sound connecting your headset to the motherboard connector than to the front PC headset one? I have a high impedance Headphones so I'm interested in this stuff.

Thanks in advance for ur help man.

I don't have a speaker system, I'm only using a headset (Plantronics Gamecom 380) my headset jacks are pink and green. I would imagine the blue jack on the motherboard is for either a center speaker, sub woofer or maybe a side speaker on a surround system.

Since you have a speaker system hooked up to the mobo jacks you will likely have to use your case jacks for your headset. I've tried both the motherboard and case jacks and both sound good, you can adjust the sound with sonic studio III and supremeFx with your headset connected to the case jacks.

Well I was hoping someone might have some insight on the blue jack(line in) and if they would know if I could use it for my headset.

Do you have any idea why my sonic studio doesn't have the device manager or application manager as shown on the asus website? I'm using the front audio and green jack so I have two audio devices plugged in but I don't see the option to switch between them as shown on the website.


In sonic studio III click advanced mode and turn on device routing, I haven't used this but you may have to assign which programs you want for speakers or headphones.


where did you get that basic and advanced mode tab?? I don't have that option on my sonic studio. I'm running version, is there a new version??

I installed this version of the Realtek audio driver, sonic studio III and sonic radar III installs automatically with it.

Select your operating system then click Audio. Before installing this version I will recommend uninstalling your current Realtek driver, sonic studio III and sonic radar III from your programs then run a registry cleaner such as the free version of CCleaner.

Alright I'll do that. I downloaded the folder, once I've uninstalled sonic studio and sonic radar and realtek which file(s) do I use to install it all. I see the folder has a Setup.exe and AsusSetup.exe along with a buttload of other files

Do I run both or something else?