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Sonic Studio 3 major issues

Level 7
I've had trouble with the audio software since the day I got this motherboard, however the drivers worked and I simply disabled the software and left it that way. I recently opened it up again to change the amplification setting and I noticed that sonic suite added an EQ setting for my HyperX headset that actually sounds really amazing.

Unfortunately we're back to the same old problems with that software and I can't effectively use it. Overwatch has extremely low audio, Rocket League has no audio, and Battlerite has the weirdest issue of all where the framerate gets stuck at about 14 fps and audio stutters like crazy. All of these problems are directly tied to sonic suite running. The Realtek HD audio manager can run in the background and everything is fine, but once you launch Sonic Suite the problems all come back.

I'd REALLY love to run sonic suite because some of the functions are pretty cool and the EQ for my headphones sounds amazing both for gaming, music, movies, etc. but it just isn't an option.

I've also noticed that Streamlabs OBS gets no audio either, but it works fine in regular obs. If you rename the Streamlabs obs .exe to "obs64.exe" it works fine, which leads me to believe Asus is aware of these problems and are simply applying hot fixes to issues like this but not actually solving them. This would be one thing if it was brand new software, new OS updates, new hardware, etc. The problem is the software's last update was January and it's now the end of September. I've had this motherboard since June and the problem has been there since day 1 for me even following a full Windows 10 reformat (not just a reset, actually formatting and partitioning the drive and installing windows 10 from fresh installation media). There have been multiple major Windows 10 updates since January, so if the problem has happened since the updates, that's understandable but it's also on Asus to keep their stuff up to date, especially considering this is the software for their latest flagship motherboard.


Windows 10 Pro x64 Asus Crosshair Hero 7 X470 Ryzen 2700x 16gb 3200mhz G.skill ram GTX 1070

Level 7
Great to see ASUS representatives really getting on top of things, replying to messages regarding the multiple issues that plague Sonic Studio 3.

Same problems here no one can help i guess 😞