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Sonic Studio 3 - experience-breaking bugs

Level 7
Hi, i've been experiencing never-ending issues with sonic studio 3. At first everything worked well and i was impressed by the sound quality of my brand new GL 703G, but quickly (in a matter of days after having bought the computer) the audio output started to have issues as the sound of my games regularly started to crash at random intervals. On one particular occasion, the audio crashed after i unplugged the computer from sector while running a heavy-load game (Kingdom Come: Deliverance).
Soon enough, everytime i launched a game i'd have no sound, and even cinematics refusing to start. I quickly pinpointed the issue: when i stopped Sonic Studio 3, the sound worked again, although the quality was now reduced. I then uninstalled sonic studio, and it worked like a charm, the sound quality went back up (although i still get saturation on windows sounds) and i recovered sound in my games.
Well, that is until i went back on discord. Now that the ouput works, it's the input that's having issues. The sound level of my microphone is incredibly low, be it when i'm using the integrated microphone or my headset, with random high-sensitivity moments that just wreck the ears of anyone having tried to adjust their settings to my low sound. it's not a hardware issue on my end, as my headset works just fine when i use discord on my phone, and i doubt that it's a hardware issue coming from the computer itself as it appeared after i uninstalled sonic studio, which was already causing audio issues. So my vote's for a software problem.

Of course, i've tried every fix possible including deleting the whole sonic suite and verifying every single last driver, but i haven't been successfull. I also tried to reinstall Sonic Studio 3, but it just won't start. It launches, but stays on the starting red screen, which makes me think that there might be some left-over from the previous install messing with the process. (it also doesen't show in the realtek pannel under the "sonic suite" tab when reinstalled)

So here i am, i'd like to know if any of you knows of this issue, and has a proper fix to it, 'cause the only move i have left is a full drive cleanup and system reset, which will probably be a time-consuming nightmare when it comes to reinstalling every bit of asus software afterwards.

On a side-note, i'm a bit disapointed by Asus on this one, the last thing i'd expect from a gaming laptop is to come with self-launching programs that conflict with major gaming titles, or even any game at all really. I've seen a lot of posts that reported the exact same sort of issues with Sonic Studio 3 and that makes me wonder why on earth you would keep on including it in your software suite. It's bad for your image and it's bad for your customers, i've seen posts from people who played without sound on your gaming gear for months before noticing where it came from on this very forum without any staff answer. No doubt that they will have troubles trusting your brand after that, and that's a shame, i've used enough of your products to know that you are very much competent in pc building (Unlike Acer...).

Level 19

Which version of Windows do you use ?

- If you use Windows 10 64 bit 1809/1903 or more recent : Install latest Realtek HD Audio Drivers (UAD - ASUS Nahimic) by following the FIRST INSTALL/CLEAN INSTALL tutorial :

- If you use Windows 7 64 bit or Windows 10 64 bit 1709/1803 : Install latest Realtek HD Audio Drivers (HDA - FF03/ASUS Nahimic) by following the FIRST INSTALL/CLEAN INSTALL tutorial :

MoKiChU wrote:

Which version of Windows do you use ?

Hi, and thanks for the answer, win 10 64, most likelly the latest build as i keep it up to date.

What do you mean exactly in your tutorial by "1) Uninstall all your current stuff", you're refering to the sonic suite+ realtek drivers? The whole lot of the Asus softwares? Any sound-related software? or litterally all of it?