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Sonic Studio 3 Application Manager

Level 7
I've had to go through trips to even get the UWP Sonic Studio 3 and Sonic Radar3 to install! the latest driver for my Asus B350-F GAMING audio is installing the driver but not the UWPs Sonic Studio 3 and Sonic Radar 3. I had to install it from the windows app store, which isn't right. I get them installed and everything is fine until I noticed this:

Even After launching programs that use audio the Application Manager section is blank. This is a brand new install of windows 10 1909 (OS Build 18363.535) Everything went fine. I installed the Chipset driver first of course (amd_chipset_software_1.11.22.454) which is the latest possible Chipset driver directly from AMD's website. No problemo. Next I installed the video driver using the new "Auto-Detect and Install" driver directly from AMD(radeon-software-adrenalin-2020-19.12.2-minimalsetup-191212_web) went very smoothly. Then I tried to install the Audio driver from ASUS website for my B350-F GAMING and the Asus installer is broken, I've re-downloaded it 3 times. I had to directly run the Setup.exe. The Driver installed, so I got the Realtek Audio Console which is great. But the Sonic Studio 3 and Sonic Radar 3 did not install. I thought well maybe after the restart they will come up. Nope. Restarted again, nope. I've had this system built as it is for months with no problem. But it was time to blow it out with a fresh windows install. I had to install SS3 and SR3 from the app store, and they open just fine, but Sonic Studio 3 on the 2nd half of the first screen in Advanced Mode, which is the Application Manager has no applications! Even with Sonic Studio open then opening Firefox and going to Youtube, playing music with Groove Music, Video with VLC, Nada! If there are any ideas out there I'm all ears. I appreciate your time in reading this and your experience if you can help!

Level 8
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Level 7
Listen this program dont work if you using speakers like S5 Kratos..... what a trash program

Level 7
OK. This is an update. xyzbird sent me this:
"Sonic software is missing from the latest audio driver for your board.

Just as a matter of interest could you uninstall your Realtek (and Sonic if present from previous installation) software and try Realtek & Sonic version from Asus just in case this works for you.

With various Sonic problems which seem to be created by MS updates, I have found that other board versions some times work in the event that Asus have not got round to updating your particular version.

Let me know what happens. I have gone PM to avoid flack from others but if it works then I would go public. Xyzbird."

Ok, Fresh install of windows. I created a system image after I installed Windows 10 and the Chipset driver, uninstalled OneDrive and unnecessary Windows 10 apps, such as People, Maps, Skype etc, Whatever-Farm, 19 in total, installed Firefox and restarted. Then took system image.

So, if I install the DRV_Audio_RTK_SZ_Nahimi_TSD_W10_64_VER6018666_20190611R for my ROG B350-F GAMING The Realtek Audio Console works. But if I install the one xyz bird suggested for the Z370-G(Which has the exact same "ROG SupremeFX 8-Channel High Definition Audio CODEC S1220A", The Sonic Studio 3 and the Sonic Radar 3 work fine, application manager and all so I can customize between games, firefox, media monkey, etc... I have tried installing the B350-F one, restarting, then installing the Z370-G one, and vice versa restarting in between.

I'm at a loss... I guess as long as I can set 5.1 in windows I'd rather have Sonic Studio 3 working... but shouldent have to choose. Anyway; again thanks for your experience and help.

My sterio system is a Bose CineMate 15 ( which acts as FL Center and FR with subwoofer. Using my older Bose Companion 2 as my rear speakers ( I know I am EXREMELY lucky to have these, I happened to work at an electronics store and got them both at store cost!

Level 7
Ok, The one that xyzbird told me to use works PERFECTLY. The Audio Driver for the Z370-G GAMING (V8746_WHQL_191203_SS3.6.45_FF03_WIN7_19H1) from 12-03-2019 Is EXACTLY what I needed. The realtek console didnt work anymore because a new peogram was installed that only shows in the tray that does the exact same thing. All of your speaker configuration and such are in the "Realtek HD Audio Manager" 😄 I'm soo happy. I see even the X570-G/E use the same S1220A Audio setup. I hope this helps someone else!