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Sonic Studio 2 crashing

Level 7
Win7 x64
SS2: v2.2.28

I have 39 Sonic Studio 2 crash files that I'd like to provide in the hopes that somebody might look at them: Image

This program seems to be very unstable since I updated to the latest version from the one included on my physical disk that came with the board.

While I'm here, any chance you can incorporate Creative Labs' X-Fi? You used to provide it for older products, and it would let me get real EAX in older games. The only option for that from Realtek was for Vista and it doesn't work on current versions on the drivers or the OS.

Hi nightstrike

I see you're having problems with Ai Suite III too.

If I were you I might do a windows reinstall then install these versions.

AI Sutie III version 1.01.30

Sonic studio II version

These can be found at the ASUS Support Center.

Level 7
Reinstalling the entire OS because of a known faulty application is not an option. I'd much rather troubleshoot the actual problem through proper debugging.

How about a system restore ?

I'm not having any issues with AI Suite 3 or Sonic Studio.

Level 7
Again, that's not troubleshooting. Troubleshooting involves looking at the crash file and determining the cause. System restores and reinstalls are just shots in the dark that, even when they work, do nothing to inform the underlying problem or allow Asus to fix the bugs. I'd rather help get real fixes. This is compounded by the fact that I run huge amounts of software, and the ONLY things that have unknown problems are Asus applications.