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Sonic Radar bugging.

Level 7
Seems like the most adequate forum to ask for help on.

My problem is that I start the Sonic Radar software, then when I go to config and click test, all I hear is like a heavy machine gun (it's actually that very distinctive noise made by sound cards when a driver is conflicting).
Anyways, the radar won't show anything while this is happening.
If you start a game, it won't do anything either.

This is happening under a 2 days old Windows 8.1 pro installation, with nothing else but the drivers installed, no other software whatsoever, not even the anti-virus that comes with the installation CD since it's not compatible with W8.
Only things installed on the PC at the moment are drivers for all my devices.

My rig is:

Asus Maximus VI Formula
Intel I5 4670k
Corsair cx750
nVidia Geforce GTX670
Corsair Ripjaws 2x4 gb

One last note, I'm not using any audio outputs from the motherboard.
Got some crappy USB speakers connected for some specific use and the video card is hooked to a 40'' TV through HDMI, and that's where my sound comes out from. (Altho, I hardly think this interferes with Sonic Radar, right?).

I did try uninstalling everything, in fact, I even used a restore point and cleaned all the drivers, then installed ONLY the sound card with SR and I get just the same.

Any help or advice is highly welcome and appreciated in advance!

Level 7
Wanted to add that tried the latest drivers, even the beta ones and still no luck.

Really hope someone has an idea or a solution for this 😕

Level 7
This was happening to me then I just went to sounds by

1. Right clicking on the little speaker on the bottom right
2. Then I clicked playback
3. Then I right clicked on each audio device and "set as default device" until the sonic radar worked
*You have to find the right one since you can transfer audio from the computer to the screen/speaker through many different ports
4. I found like 3 option that worked (3 port that made the sonic radar display something)
5. From there you should have a port that also creates sound (because the 3 ports that worked wont necessarily create sound since they might not all have something connected)
*in my case one worked with speakers, one with my headset, and the other was plugged into anything
6. Then chose your appropriate device and you should be good to go

Hope this works!