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So whats up with Sonic Studio 3 in 2023?

Level 7

I've been the last 5 hours trying all kind of drivers, cleaning processes, DDU, SS3 remove,,, everything... and Sonic studio doesn't open after yesterday I managed to open it, then I resized the C partition, and when windows came back the Sonic Studio 3 uninstalled itself, since I pressed the icon and nothing happened...


after all those hours researching, i got the "effects" working with the driver from the official web, since you can hear a clear difference in the sound when you have unchecked the "disable audio enhancements" option... i got the bass management working, and the room correction (i think, i hope, that it makes different sounds when you enable/disable them...)

but I only have "Music" because it's the default one, since the "software" doesn't open the configuration... what is this buggy crap? on a 450 € mobo? ROG STRIX Z790-F GAMING WIFI

the user experience has beign horrible so far.., first i had the VGA led in the post, because the mobo doesn't recognize displayport.. or maybe it's the stupid ROG monitor i paid 600€ for...

JayzTwoCents , why didn't you warn us about the ASUS drivers too? he only complained about bent pins and such.. sad ASUS... i want my volume leveler function.... -.-"

Sonic Stoopdio 3 works, but the interface doesn't load.... so you cant configure nor change settings... why this crap ASUS?

i think i tried every method found on redit and google, even downloaded unsigned drivers.. since thats what i did for me previous msi board for getting DTS and dolby in windows, witch i did, what a downgrade buying an ASUS mobo.....

i see topics from 2018 and 2015,, why is no fix available yet? youre doing chatGPT strategy?, leaving free chat only with 2021 information at the doors of 2024.. big tech corporations are a shame...


So.. with ASUS i had to get OpenRGB, FanControl and Intel Extreme Utility, since the Armoury Crate is broken as hell giving me a BSOD when trying to install.. theres no software to control the sonic studio features of the chip?... i mean just trying to avoid ASUS software as much as i can, i think i should have avoided the brand completelly..