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Should Aura v1.06.17 work on Maximus IX Hero under Win10?

Level 7
Hi all. I'm pretty new to both the forum and this particular mobo. After getting my build up and running I started doing a little exploring and ran across the software Aura. The brief explanation that I saw was interesting -- particularly the ability to have the lighting depict temperature -- so I installed it. However, it won't start. No errors on the desktop (just acts like its gonna start and then doesn't) but the event log says that "AsRogAuraService.exe" is the faulting application along with the exception code "0xc0000005".

I uninstalled it and installed the ROG Aura Core app from the Microsoft store. It works OK but seems to be a limited version of how Aura was described on the Asus site. Since it didn't offer the temperature mode I uninstalled it.

Is it possible to run the Asus Aura app from their support site on a custom build that uses the ROG Maximus IX Hero mobo? I have no additional RGB strip, just the LEDs that are part of the mobo itself.

Thanks in advance for whatever help you can offer.


Update: I installed the sw that came on the Asus mobo disk and it works perfectly. Don't know which item that it got installed with but I don't remember selecting it from the install menu.

At any rate, it worked as advertised -- don't know why the one I downloaded did not.

This has been a pretty worthless thread to all :p. Since I didn't find a "delete my thread" function I'm hoping this note will suffice to have one of the moderators delete it for me.