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Sharing a fix - Aura issues when running multiple RGB control programs

Level 7
In case someone else have this issue:

Co-existance of multiple rgb control programs. If it screws up your sync or prevent Aura from starting up at boot and you suspect running multiple rgb conrol programs plays a role, then try this, as it fixed several issues for me (using RGB fusion, Icue, Razer synapse and Aura at the same time).
I had a feeling that somehow the order of program initiation of these during windows boot created the issues I had. So using system Mechanic I set Aura to load last and well after all other programs. Thats two weeks ago now and havent had any issues since.
Just thought I would share this (there are plenty of programs, some freeware, that can do the above delayed startup btw. Doesnt have to be System Mechanic).

Thanks for sharing!
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Level 12
Glad to hear that is working for you but a word of caution. It is my layman's understanding that RGB control programs that control LEDs in RAM sticks have to access the SMBus to send the data needed to make the RAM LEDs do their thing. If access to the SMBus is not coordinated with the proper interlocking sequences, there can be collisions that can cause corruption of the SPD data on the DIMMs. When G.Skill first released their Trident-Z RGB series and their RGB control software, there were MANY reports of bricked DIMMs. The SPD data either had to be rewritten to the DIMMs (with Thaiphoon Burner) or the product had to be returned. It was a real mess. I know for a fact that Corsair Link and iCue do not use the proper interlocks, and I don't think AURA does either. What you are doing may work, but you are playing a dangerous game.

RGB control has basically been the Wild West, with lots of vendors producing products and releasing poorly developed control programs. Running multiple versions is asking for trouble, and I do not think that the order of start-up is going to prevent SMBus collisions. I recommend at least getting the free version of Thaiphoon Burner and using it to get a dump of your DIMM's SPD data. That way, if it gets corrupted, you can write the correct data back to the DIMMs. Note you need the paid version of Thaiphoon Burner to write to the DIMMs, and the BIOS needs to allow SDP Write.