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Secret Repository of Asus Software?

Level 7
Is there a secret repository of Asus software somewhere?

I often find myself downloading things from weird random personal repositories of official Asus software that isn't available on the Asus website. The classic example is my Maximus Hero Z690 comes with Asus MemTweakit, that doesn't work properly for the DDR5 the board comes with it on the usb stick but a version you can't find on the support website.

Theres also apparently a even harder to find Asus OCTool, that doesn't seem to be on my USB stick, does exist, is nowhere to be found.

Level 11
In my experience there is no point in installing these applications, unless you are having fun on an experimental pc.
But today's pc with nvme ssd are powerful enough to do without these gadget apps.

The secret OCTool allows you to buy generic hynix DDR5 ram, spend 3 reboots figuring out a easy safe ram reboot, save the xmp profile to the ram and your done.
The secret Memtweakit for DDR5 allows you to rapidly iterate on memory timings, singificantly increasing performance.

Forgetting the hundreds of dollars you just saved, that doesnt seem like a "fun experiment"...

Level 11
Thank you for sharing your satisfactory experience, it may help other users

Level 13
I do not think there is any software can re write the XMP profile into RAM and change it. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Theres actually two pieces of software that I know of that can do it, Asus's OC Tool (good luck finding any version of this) and Thaiphoon Burner (ddr5 needs the unreleased beta).

It's just a matter of reading and writing to the spd on the memory chip.

There are also hardware/software solutions you can find on ali express.

I'm not even going to link to where I've found most of these Asus software is fear that Asus will try and take it down.