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Ryujin-Armoury Crate Red Dot

Level 8
The Ryujin still shows a red dot with white N in Armoury Crate. Armoury Ctrate updated several times, last today jan 30 '23 to new ver.
Ryujin 360 + latest firmware. No profile to change? at least I can't see where is it, if any.
Sync or not to sync! do the same.
Hydranode or not, same!
Red dot always there!!!

Any idea what's going on ASUS?
hope you can answer at least any of my questions.

Level 7
I have exactly the same. has not cleared in 2 months.

I'm having the same issue for a couple of months :mad:
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Community Admin
Community Admin

Red dot.png
Sorry about that, it's a known bug for some AIOs which will be resolved in the coming weeks. 

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That's good news! It has been driving me crazy with my Rog RYUO 240. I went months having issues with my asus software and this is the last bug that's causing me grief.

All the HTML updates were released, please check and let us know if resolved. Thanks!

FPS, Racing, and VR Gamer / Tech Enthusiast / ROG Admin


there is a whole thread with how to solve that!


1. Enter the folder C:\Program Files\ASUS\RLSDownload\FanXpert\... until you find the sdkSetup.exe file -> run it -> the installation will ask for a reset, ok -> Reset!
2. After booting Windows go to the same previous location and find the setup.exe file -> run it -> a brief window appears quickly and is gone!
3. Go back to the C:\Program Files\ASUS\RLSDownload\ folder and delete the <FanXpert> folder with everything inside it, done!
4. Open the AC -> go to the bottom left Settings icon -> go to the Update Center tab -> and click on the first top right button called “Search for Updates”, after that the AC will be looking for updates for a while and when finished FanXpert will disappear -> it's a greater joy to see it, and the best is yet to come -> you enter the menu -> Fan Xpert and FAN XPERT 4 opens as it always worked.

NOTE: "If for some reason this does not work. Make sure that armoury crate is open both times you run the sdksetuo and the setup after the restart. If that still doesn't work after checking for updates it should download the FanXpert folder again. Repeat the steps and it should work then. I just did a clean install and it did not work the first time around when I had armoury crate closed. Second time it worked with armoury crate open." (by LinkinForcer)

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