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ROG STRIX 1060 6GB OC not detecting in Armoury Create

Level 7

On my previous computer with DDR3 components and an FX processor my GTX 1060 was detected by Armory Crate; Now that I changed to a B450 Rog Strix and a DDR4 PC with a Ryzen 5500 it no longer detects my graphics in any way. Works only with Aura RGB lighting control Does anyone have a similar experience or how did they solve it?


Level 8

I might have a fix for you. Try this 

Upgrade your bios here's a link

After that reinstall your GPU Drivers but make sure you uninstall your GPU Driver 


 and uninstall asus armoury crate and all its possible services. Reinstall asus armoury crate and update all your asus products. This is what I did when I had a 1080 back then. But now I'm on a 3070ti and havent encounter this issue again. But I hope this help you in any way. Best of luck.