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ROG G751JY - Essential Software vs Bloatware

Level 7
Hail fellow ROGers. I'm in the process of rebuilding my laptop and wanted to know other then chipset drivers, what ROG software is essential vs bloatware (non-needed). Just want to make sure I've got everything configured correctly. Wish I wouldn't of blew away the recovery partition !!! 😛 😛 .. tks
Asus ROG G751JY

Level 13
Did you save the eSupport folder?
All drivers are necessary all software and utilities are subjective.
The one thing that will make a big difference and is not available for download is the Sonic studio. Without it your sound is going to be less than desirable.

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JustinThyme - Unfortunately not. I did not save that folder. As for the Sonic studio, because I use Razer products, I've downloaded / installed their Synapse software. It comes with their sound pro version which isnt' half bad. Too bad manufactures dont have an option to buy physical media for restore purposes. Tks ..
Asus ROG G751JY