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ROG Armoury II V3.00.16 [Report any issues here]

Community Admin
Community Admin
Armoury II 3.00.16 is now available.
Manual download here:

Release Notes:
Improved performance
Added support for ROG STRIX FUSION 300
Added support for ROG STRIX CTRL

Execute UpdateInstaller.exe to update.

When reporting issues, please install the latest software and firmware, then provide as much info as possible to help us understand your setup.
Include the following info:
1. PC / Laptop
2. Aura Sync products
3. 3rd-party peripheral, audio, or lighting software
4. Wired / wireless connection
5. Reinstalled Armoury II?
6. Reinstalled Windows?
7. WIndows version & build
8. Previous version of firmware or software that worked as expected
9. Clarify your issue as clearly as possible.
10. Any screenshots of issue
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Level 7
Can someone link me the latest version of this stiupid SW ?

I've had this problem since the very first day i installed this software.

Whenever I click the "Live Update" option or either of the "link" options, i get a pop-up saying "No internet connection. Please check your internet connection and try again". I have the same issue with the Asus LiveUpdate software (I do not have this issue with the Radeon Software). i have a stable internet connection and it is working (I'm using right it ****ing now.) i have been unable to contact ROG or Asus regarding this via the Service Centre because there is no way of reporting issues with software there. Other software has no problem connecting such as Steam, Discord, Chrome etc. I am running Win7 64-bit.

Level 10
Did a fresh install of Windows, Fully up to date, Installed Armory II and it never opens, I click the icon, I see it open on the taskbar and then a second later it closes, I then installed the latest Aura and it simply refuses to work.

I have done a lot of beta testing for various companies over the last 10 years but I have never seen software that is that badly coded.