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ROG Armory Crate > Scenario Profiles & Advanced AURA effects

Level 7
Hi all,

I have found how to link a custom scenario profile to a particular game or application. The part that baffles me is that it is not possible to link AURA Sync effect to Advanced (custom created effects) but only to basic predefined ones! Am I doing something wrong or the software is really needlessly limited in that respect? What is the purpose of creating custom effects if they can't be automatically activated based on active application?!

Level 8
What version is your ArmouryCrate?

I can link the AURA Sync effect to Advanced(Create by AURA Creator).

Level 7

Bumping this a couple years from the original post.

I assume OP has the same problem as I do, meaning that we'd like to be able to use the custom lighting patterns we've created in Aura Creator with scenario profiles. For example,  I'm a bit of an RGB freak especially when it comes to audio visualization, so I'd like to create a Scenario Profile that activates when I start Spotify, and I'd like that profile to use the music sync effect I've created in Aura Creator (different music sync effects for different parts, audio spectrum for keyboard, beatbox for fans etc.) but that doesn't seem to be possible since the only lighting effects the profile creation screen gives you are the default ones. Another example, someone wants to create a custom lighting pattern for, say, Call Of Duty. They create it in Aura Creator and want to automatically apply that particular effect when starting the game, but the custom effect simply won't appear in the list of lighting effects for the Scenario.

To me it seems really like a simple thing to add to Armoury Crate, I was a bit amazed when I realised that it's not possible. Seems to drain the whole point of creating patterns or profiles.