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Rog 6 phone

Level 8

My rog6 phone keep pn crashing whenever I open the camera. This crash started since the last system update into android13. Kindly fix these error. Im not sure If this also being experienced by other users.


Level 8


33.0610.2810.104  ??

Maybe.....repaired a Phone?

Yes that version. Whenever i Open my camera, my phone crash and reboot. This is brand new phone less than 8months.

This issue seems to be a software error, and it may be necessary to return the phone to the original manufacturer for repairs. When I encountered a similar issue before, the manufacturer replaced the motherboard for me. So, if you need to repair your phone, please make sure to backup any internal data beforehand.

I had the same issue, and the motherboard had been replaced. I read that this is not software but a hardware defect. Now I am still encountering issues with the camera (no selfie button, cannot scan qr codes, front camera being detected as the rear camera, camera sometimes look like it is using fish lens, etc.) Probably I got a lemon unit but the issues that you guys encountered and the ones I experienced is very similar.  I've been using this phone for less than a year and it has been a headache using this so- called "premium" phone. I already reported this to ASUS and man they keep asking me to wait for their feedback and it has been 2 weeks. Good luck to us. 

I was planning to reset my phone to factory settings, but if its a hardware issue.. its gonna be pointless.. hopefuly asus can do something to make these kind of error fixed.. planning to buy rog7 next..

I already restored to factory countless times, and I tell you the issue is still there. You may need to report this to ASUS, and they will probably tell you it is the motherboard that needs to be replaced. This is the only phone brand that I had issues with, and I've been using this for less than a year! 

Oh, planning to get ROG7? you may need to think twice. If you're going to research the issues of the past ROG phones man you'll be disappointed. I should have researched beforehand. This will be my last ROG phone.