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Reverted to Windows 10 to fix overheating, it worsened and added more issues and bugs.

Level 7

I bought my first gaming laptop, an ASUS TUF A15 (Ryzen 5 5600H GTX 1650) 8 months ago. 
When I first bought it, it was okay but after a few months it started overheating. It came with Windows 11 when I bought it. It started overheating after a few months (60+c on idle, 80+c on games like Roblox on lowest graphics, below 100 fps, max fan speeds) I used Turbo configuration in armory crate to help with the overheating, but it didn't.
I went to the ASUS service center to get it serviced, they cleaned the thermals and gave it back. The overheating still remained. So, I sent it again and they said it was due to Windows 11. I reinstalled Windows 10 from the Windows Media Creation tool. It did a clean reinstallation but. A lot of ASUS basics were missing like armory crate, my ASUS, drivers.
I reinstalled them but. A LOT OF WINDOWS FEATURES WERE MISSING TOO like " Asus recommended power plan, different power plans, advanced power and graphics settings". I opened armory crate first time after reinstalling windows and to my disappointment, EVEN GAMEVISUAL BUGGED. "GameVisual may not be supported" LIKE ITS AN ASUS GAMING LAPTOP AND HOW ITS NOT SUPPORTED.
My overheating still persisted. The idle overheating fixed but not the gaming overheating. Temps on idle: 50-55c Turbo mode. Temps while Roblox (lowest graphics Turbo Mode): 85-90c. 
After reinstalling windows, even the CPU got overclocked.
Before it didn't go above 3.5 Ghz but now it's on 3.9-4 Ghz on idle and gaming too.



Level 12

Lower the CPU voltages and it will be cooler.