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reset SupremeFX back to default settings after misclick in Sound Effects

Level 9
Hi All!

MB: Maximus VIII Hero Alpha, Bios 3809
OS: Windows 10 Pro, Build 1909
Driver: Realtek High Definition Audio Driver

This is about a 3.5 year old system, and up until now I've never had any issues with audio output.

However, I accidentally clicked on something in the lower half of the "Republic of Gamers SupremeFX" window:


I don't know what I clicked on; it was a mistake. It was in the lower half of the window, and I think it may have been the icon for either Auditorium or Arena.

Whatever I clicked on, it altered the "sound profile" of audio that I get through my headphones. I'm still getting audio, it just sounds much different.

I want to reset the audio profile back to whatever the default was, since I preferred the previous (default) profile. However, I've been completely unable to reset the audio profile back to the way it was originally. I've tried using the "Environment" dropdown to select various other options from the "Sound Effects" tab, but it doesn't seem to make much difference.

Anyone know of a good way to reset SupremeFX back to defaults, hopefully resetting whatever it did to my audio?

I normally don't mess with my audio, the only reason I had the Realtek control panel open is because friends on Discord had indicated my microphone volume was low. I've had periodic problems with audio input under Windows 10, but this is the first time I've had much need to make any adjustments to my audio output.

Thanks much!