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rebuild my system from factory defaults

Level 7
OK, I have the G551 and it came with the 128GB mSATA and 1TB drives, the mSATA is the boot drive and I want to have the 1TB as my boot drive I have a 1TB external I can transfer all my data to. So how would I get the 1TB to be the new os drive from the backup data?

Format all drives first and set the bios for the 1TB drive as the boot drive?

Level 14
Well you have 2 choices, you can clone your 128 SSD to your 1 TB drive, them remove the 128 SSD put the 1TB in the same slot the SSD is now in.
your other choice would be to remove your 128 SSD put 1TB in the slot the SSD came out from. and Clean install, install all new latest driver and reinstall your software.
Now you will have a very slow notebook what do you plan to do with the 128 SSD I would just put it aside and keep it incase you need it later. My guess is in the first week or so you will realize that your computer is so slow that you wll want to put that SSD right back in.
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