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Rampage VI Extreme Omega Software

Level 11
The software with this (amazing) motherboard seems to have a few problems/kinks. GameFirst V was running one of my processor cores (the CPU is an i9-9980XE at 3.00GHz/stock speed) at 100% so I had to uninstall it. Armory Crate and/or other checks for updates showed no alerts that there was a new (more secure) BIOS available (only looking at the Support page at the motherboard's website did that). And errors are occurring with attempts at adjusting/setting fan speeds using AI Suite 3 and Fan Xpert 4--specifically "Error CreateProcess failed (2)."

Any good (and not obvious) solutions to these problems would be great.

Level 13
remove the bot programs. GameFirst and Crate (is handy to keep track of info on your drivers) aside these IS USESLESS. I am asus fan. But is 10000000000% useless app for destok pc. ASUS do not update. is beta, does not do ****. doe snot give updates avalable, aside if what i tell you before.

Go to bios and as soon you have it desable that there. you can keep it. IS NICE to have a track of versions. and update MANUALY on you motherboard webpage for new drivers.

IN order to use the AI SUITE 3 is to update to last windows 10 update, last bios update, LAST MEI and CHIPSET driver.

I recomend to to make all these first before installing aisuite or ano other asus app.

I use ai suite to control fans and system info. and i have no choose. i wish that the crate was working
Learn, Play Enjoy!

Itzycharles wrote:
...update, LAST MEI and CHIPSET driver.

I recomend to to make all these first before installing aisuite or ano other asus app.

I went to device manager first, and clicked on System Devices and there found Intel (R) 200 Series Chipset Family LPC Controller (X299) -A2D2 and clicked on it and a box opened up. Then I went to the "Driver" tab and clicked on Update Driver. I then clicked "Search automatically for updated driver software," and it found a new driver and then it was installed. Then I went to the Asus support page for this motherboard and downloaded the latest driver there, and then extracted it, and then went inside the folder and clicked on "Asus Setup." Then a window popped up and said "This computer currently contains driver versions newer than the versions you are about to install. Are you sure you want to overwrite the following drivers with the older version?"

That is very odd. Do you know what is going on? Has Asus not got the latest drivers on its webpage? And is Intel (R) 200 Series Chipset Family LPC Controller the "chipset driver" you are talking about? Odd too is that there was an Intel driver that was out of date when I run Intel Driver and Support Assistant every day to check for Intel updates and it has only once found anything and that was a while ago now.

Anyhow, after the above update FanXpert 4 (part of AI Suite 3) still got the same errors when clicking on tabs for changing to different fan configurations (such as "Turbo" or "Standard." Maybe I should uninstall it and then install it again?

Also, I may try GameFirst V again. I want to try it because I am getting some stutter playing a low demand game that I don't get on another much older system with a lot less horsepower.

Armory Crate also shows "Latest version" And "Current version" for each item of software listed, and under "Intel Bluetooth," those numbers are different. However, in my system, the driver is up to date, according to Intel's update utility software, Intel Driver & Support Assitant. Hence, why are those numbers different? And what is the difference between "Latest" and "Current" anyway? Doesn't "latest" mean "current" in English? It is very confusing. Either the latest driver is installed in your system or it isn't. Hence, the software is not very user friendly, at least in that aspect.

Armory Crate also has trouble downloading "Overwolf" (which some people call bloatware) and hangs endlessly at 55% of the installation, and then if you cancel the installation it then hangs just shy of fully stopping the installation--with the words "Stopping installation" and the process bar below stuck a mm shy of the end.

Don't get me wrong, though. I love the hardware!! I have noticed though that companies (like Sony, for example) with the best reputation usually have user-friendly designs, or at least move steadily in that direction. (In other words, "Come on, Asus (and Microsoft and Intel), get with it!!!")