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R7 2700x on Crosshair VI extreme (X370)- fan fails and voltage shocks

Level 10
Hello @Raja
making some more friends I see 😛
I hope your well.

Ive discovered a bug that could lead to cpu's going pop.

Ive swapped out my r7 1800x for a 2700x and im very happy i did, its night and day when it come to OCing.

the problem is I already had AI suite lll 3.00.13 installed and it was working fine on BIOS 6101 Beta from @elmor.

I then dropped in the r7 2700x. did A bios reset and left everything on Auto to do baseline testing.

once the processor was under load AI suite craps out and all the sensors turn red and dispaly 5.9999 or 0.00000 or -0.000 all fans hit full speed and crap out.

thats not the worst. I discovered while bench marking that the heat was way to high for stock and even with a h115i AIO I was hitting 90c so I thought I might have done a bad cpu mount so shutdown an remounted.

Same thing again. so I dug a bit deeper and was scratching my head as to why. I then remembered back to the days of the Crosshair IV extreme and how the Auto setting in the BIOS for LLC was actually extreme and you had to adjust through AI suite after windows boot, this was a bug that was never fixed in the BIOS of that board. default LLC on that board was extreme and boy was those voltages extreme.

SO fast forward to today and 3 generations of board later and the problem is still there...

The reason for my high temp and voltages is that Auto LLC setting in BIOS = LLC LEVEL 5 in AI suite 3 also thermal headroom is also set to 140% over cpu spec on Auto in BIOS. Ive seen almost 1.6v through my cpu under load. then I changed it to level 3 and thermal headroom is now back to 120% a more moderate LLC level temps are a lot more manageable now but this is purely a heads up as this same bug has manged to replicate itself on CHiVe and CHVIe.

No damage was done thankfully but just be wary about AUTo setting in BIOS, if you know the right value get that BIOS off auto and input the value.

Hope this helps someone