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R6E: Latest LiveDash is not compatible with Latest AURA Creator (AURA Service)

Level 7
Hi, all.

My board it Rampage Vi Extreme(R6E), running 7900X and Windows 10 x64 OS.

Here's what I figured out when LiveDash app doesn't change the OLED Display when I click on Apply button.

Setup 1: Latest LiveDash (1.05.03) + Latest Armoury Crate & AURA Creator(v3.0.11.0)
Result: AURA Addressable LED / Motherboard LED control works. LiveDash doesn't works.

Setup 2: Old version of LiveDash (1.00.06) + Latest Armoury Crate & AURA Creator(v3.0.11.0)
Continuing with Setup 1, I uninstalled Latest LiveDash and installed the old version of LiveDash (1.00.06). I figured out the OLED Display works!!!
BUT: I found AURA ALED / Motherboard LED doesn't sync with the AURA app. Then I checked update center in Armoury Crate app. It said the AURA Service is not the latest version. I updated it to the latest version. Then LiveDash didin't work again.

So is it an conclusion like: the Latest LiveDash (1.05.03) is not compatible with the latest AURA Creator, or more specifically, the Latest AURA Service.

Level 7
Ok, this is what I found next:

The LiveDash installation package includes a [LightingService] folder. Inside, it's the [AuraServiceSetup.exe] file. If I uninstall AURA Service that comes with AURA Creator and install this file, LiveDash works and then AURA Creator won't work.

So now it's confirmed that AURA Creator / LiveDash use different versions of AURA Service.