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R290X DCU OC - noise is OK, gimme a full fan speed BIOS

Level 7
Please give us a gamer's BIOS for the 290X DCU OC.

On warm days I watch my frame rates plummet as the fan stays at 55% or less. Manually setting the fan to 85% cures the problem and I get full performance from the card. Faster fan speed should be an optional BIOS for the card.

This is a gaming card, we wear headsets for TS and crank up our surround sound. More fan noise is OK. Crashing or dropping frame rates is not OK.

My suggestion in case you don't get it yet is to have a gamers BIOS from Asus that ramps the fan to 100% before the GPU throttles. Put warnings up on the download that this BIOS will increase noise to get the extra performance on hot days and heavy graphic loads.

Level 7
Fan Speeds are controlled with GPU tweak you go into advanced mode and then do user defined. The problem is GPU tweak seems to not work with a crap for mem clock caps so it is going to use max mem no matter what you set that to which means higher heat and hitting max fan speed T.T I tried contacting Asus support yesterday and they told me to wait then closed the chat, says all the agents are gone which is great lol.

Level 7
Thanks - I made hot and cold day fan profiles.
I will mess with OC and volts later on when I get it under water.

But I still think the BIOS should give over 50% fan speed to gaming mode....