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Question about MyASUS and help with bootup problems

Level 7
Hello everyone. I'm experiencing a problem with my boot up, that is probably caused by Windows Update.
Recently, I've noticed that I get a 20 second black screen before the login screen shows up. Prior to updating Windows, it was only about 25 seconds bootup but due to the black screen, it went to 45 - 60.

I've checked my Windows Update and there was a latest driver update for my AMD which is 26.20.11030.2003 so I have a feeling this is causing the problem. I reinstalled it and it shortened the black screen but it still is there but after a day, it came back to the same boot up time.
Now, I checked my bootup via MyASUS and it says that the time it takes to boot up is "23 seconds", which means when the black screen appears, the computer is already "booted up"(?).
I checked MyASUS Live Updates and there seems to be no "new updates" but a tab beside that is Driver & Tools. I noticed that there is an AMD Chipset there which is probably an ASUS Driver Update. One of them is 26.20.11030.4004 and the other is 26.20.12036.3004. Is it safe to update it via this or should I wait for Windows themselves to release an update?

Lastly, I'm using a TUF FX 505DU Laptop, so I'd like to ask, if anyone is using the same model - what's the current driver version of your AMD Drivers?

Level 13