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Problems with ASUS software? Make sure windows Host Guardian Service is disabled.

Level 7
Sorry if this is a double post from the other day, but I got an Access Denied error on that one, not sure if anyone actually saw it.

So, After several weeks of research and intense messin' around with my computer, including several windows re-installs. I have discovered that the reason I was unable to install most ASUS software, including AI Suite (ASIO.sys error), LiveDash (Catastrophic Failure error), Aura (could install service, but UI would not open), and others was due to the optional windows add-on "Host Guardian Service" which I must have picked up when I was enabling Hyper-V a few months ago (I tend to get most of the add-ons anyways just to have, I mean who doesn't like extra functionality?). So I recently did a windows reinstall to clean everything up and for the life of me I could not get any of the ASUS programs to install, and when I finally found a workaround, whenever I would open the programs or use any software that might conflict with their functions (lookin' at you over there iCue), instant BSOD. Not BSOD, though, just forced reboot, which I thought was odd. While trying to figure out why my computer would kernel panic and then NOT write a crash dump I came across a registry entry for said guarded host service, in which one of the keys was something like CrashDumpDisabled=True.

YOU! You are the reason my things don't work the way they are supposed to work! I immediately went to the add features window and disabled "Guarded Host," reboot, everything works exactly like it should. Maybe better than it ever has, depending on when I first installed that feature, honestly I can't remember ever NOT having problems with ASUS software. Not sure if this feature was entirely to blame, but disabling it seems to have fixed every problem I had. Granted it's a feature that has something to do with securing server setups, so I probably shouldn't have had it in the first place, but still I'm glad to have FINALLY figured out why these programs never worked on my machine. Then I went on to finally hit 4.0Ghz on my CPU by disabling TPU in the BIOS, but that's a story for another day.

TL;DR: ASUS software got you down? Can't seem to do anything right with it? Installs, uninstalls, running programs, operating fans, lights, etc.? Try disabling "Guarded Host" in the add/remove windows features menu. One click and a reboot fixed everything for me, and I'm willing to bet some of you have the same problems I did.

Level 11
Not sure if I saw the original post but thanks for re-posting, that was a lot to type. It's good info. 🙂

A few months back there was a persistent problem with this forum and a whole lot of users were getting errors like access denied whenever they entered a new thread or edited even their own posts. I reeeeeelly hope that isn't back. Took forever for it to get fixed. I have learned over time that I always copy every single line of my posts into my clipboard before I hit the POST button. It has saved my typing many times. 😉

Level 10
I wonder why Asus software would even need this? As mine is turned off by default, to begin with. But all I had was Armoury Crate and Aura sync and couldn't get any of those to work right. Maybe 1 year I can get off the RGB Rainbow Train.

Host Guardian: enables this device to create and run Shielded Virtual Machines using remote attestation.

KILLER_K wrote:
I wonder why Asus software would even need this? As mine is turned off by default, to begin with. But all I had was Armoury Crate and Aura sync and couldn't get any of those to work right. Maybe 1 year I can get off the RGB Rainbow Train.

That's what I'm saying, it wasn't the ASUS software's fault, but mine. I had enabled an add-on which I didn't know anything about and as it turns out, it's functionality involves ensuring no changes are made on the hardware level without some sort of interaction with the guardian host, which is exactly what 90% of ASUS software does. Controlling hardware at some level, cpu, mobo, rgb, fans, stupid little led readout that you'll probably never use. ASUS doesn't need this software to run, in fact it probably CAN'Trun when this service is active. It was just my own ignorance to blame. Still I do wish the whole rgb and gimmick trend would start to die out, and hw producers could get back to trying to produce the most robust and functional hardware rather than worrying about how many gamerz they can trick into buying it with fancy flashing lights and shiny pieces. Like maybe don't put that 12v aux power connector in a place where 90% of cases will have it butt right up against a psu shroud or something, making it useless instead get rid of one of the 6 addressable rgb headers instead and put it there, or one of the half-dozen connectors for outdated or unavailable 1st party periphrials that no one uses.

Level 10
Makes sense now. I use a static color. I'm just glad that Asus went to corsair for help and it is working out good now. The sad part is now you can't even get a high-end case that you can put your Blu-ray burner in. Now because someone thought no one needs a burner to rip and put movies on their plex now was a good idea. I have o buy an external slow BRB now and hope for the best or get an external case and do it that way.

It is like the pople that build stuff have no common sense or ever use they stuf they design. It is what it is.