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problem with AI Suite 3 and Ai Charger

Level 8
hi I have problem with Ai Charger. my motherboard is ASUS PRIME B560M-A I installed the AI Suite 3 with any way possible (trough motherboard DVD drive or ARMOURY CRATE or download from ASUS) and installed Ai Charger (trough motherboard DVD drive or ARMOURY CRATE or download from ASUS). there isn't anything about Ai Charger in the AI Suite 3 (there is not any icon (or anything about Ai Charger) on the top-right corner of the AI Suite 3 main menu. anyone knows what is the problem and how can I deal with it?
thankyou in advance. sorry for my English

Level 8

The information on AI Charger is vague and incomplete. The question here my fellow techies, why is AI Charger only available to Windows 10? When I click on Windows 11 for the O/S, the availability of the utility disappears. Has anyone attempted to install it on the Windows 11 platform? Personally, I think it would work, but checking before installation.