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Problem in option Surround on Sonic Studio 3

Level 7
In Sonic Studio3 has a 'Surround' option to create an experience in 5.1 speakers. But when comparing the native version of the microsoft driver and even the normal 2.0 audio of the asus realtek driver. The Sonic Studio 3's 'Surround' option removes multiple parts of the sound. Removes treble, muffles the sound as if it has noise, leaves some parts as if it had active 'voice clarity', among others. The only thing that really works is that it really transforms from 2.0 to 5.1. But why is it so bad? Why did they remove the 'speaker fill' option that stays in 'Windows / Sound / Enhancements / Effects/ speaker fill'?? In the Microsoft driver works perfectly, but I prefer the asus driver because of its superiority. How to solve this problem Speaker fill or Surround????