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Please create an Armoury Crate that IS NOT UWP

Level 8
I continue to encounter numerous issues with the UWP version of armoury crate. Windows repeatedly fails to install it, giving me stupid error codes like 0x80073D0A, and just telling me theres a problem, without any details.

This is the 6th time that it has happened, it usually takes me 4-7 hours to get the damn thing to reinstall, and then reconfigure my pc back to the way it was before I had to reinstall it.

It wouldnt be much of an issue except that I have no way of controlling the fans outside of armoury crate. So I ask that the devs over at asus, release a Non windows APP version of Armoury crate. As I have never EVER encountered such crap from a program before windows 'APPS'.

Level 8
Im still waiting on a non UWP App that gives me control, over lighting and fans. Im starting to get really pissed off that every week, the Armoury Crate app breaks and refuses to launch. I will accidently change my lighting setting, off of smart using FN + arrowkey left or right, Next thing I know the app is broken and wont launch and I have to reinstall it. Each time I encounter stupid issues relating to installing it, from the app store not connecting to the internet even though im clearly online. To having to re-enable all my system updates and firewall related services (Which I keep disabled for good reason).

I will give it a try, I just hope it works on my laptop. Now my services are refusing to install after running the uninstaller. (Really wish it would just work...) Hope that one will work better then the one I have been trying to use. Thank you for linking it.