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Permissions to access Sonic Suite

Level 7
Dear ladies and gentlemen.

On my computer (Win10 x64), there are one administrator and two standard users.
Using the admin, I installed myself the audio drivers for my Asus Hero IX. Everything installed successfully and works fine. The only thing I do not know how to fix is the permission to access the drivers. By running Sonic Suite appears a message telling, “The software cannot be opened. You should install your audio drivers first” and whether Sonic Studio 3, nor Sonic Radar 3 is running. By turning the user into an admin – everything works fine.

My question – how do I make a standard users be able to run Sonic Studio 3 and Sonic Radar 3 without any admin permissions?

I hope for your responsiveness and competence in solving this question.

Level 7
I'm having the same exact problem. Everything runs fine as Admin, but everyone knows (or should)... you shouldn't log in as Admin all of the time. You should have an Admin account to install and a regular user account to operate. Otherwise you're just begging for trouble.

Level 7
same exact issue. Anybody find a fix for this yet?

Level 8
go tp properties of the icon and compatibility tab and set it to run as admin

Level 7
that was the first thing i tried. no luck ><