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PC crashing issue when playing certain games (Win 8.1)

Level 7
Hello, this is my first post of many to come on the problems I am having with my ASUS G20AJ compact gaming computer.

When I'm playing some games but not all the time such as Borderlands 2 my PC would freeze up and go to a pink, blue, black, and or white screen with static crashing noises coming from the speakers. My GPU temperature reaches the 90s + celcius and it says my motherboard is at 100+ degrees all the time which is obviously a bad reading because I have my PC turned off for hours at a time and I turn it on and its still that celcius but I thought I would just mention that (no spell or heat coming from PC).

I can provide any information you need to help resolve this.

I have done the following

  • Upgraded / Downgraded / Updated Graphics Drivers
  • Updated BIOS
  • Reinstalling the games
  • Verifing cache within Steam
  • Cleaned fans and opened up the case (no problems, just dust which is gone now).

I did have a crash error (nvlddmkm.sys) which I updated and tried to fix through the command propt but I'm not sure that helped at all.

I'm going to provide a DxDiag and a Speccy analysis.