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Nvidia 365.10 BSOD Missing files in system32

Level 7
I getting a little pi.... with nvidia, i installed the 365.10 driver thought they had fixed the problems, i reboot and got file is missing in windows\system32
this is total bs, but having learned from the 364 problem child i made a image with Rollback RX before doing the upgrade i did a clean update when i installed.

So anyone who has not installed the 365.10 update be carefull, i installed it on my twin computer, well almost twin its the asus z87 v edition no problems YET!
but this one my gamming pc asus z97 pro gamer which has given me nothing but trouble was unable to boot windows, thx nvidia for making a great day sun is up
its warm a ****ty day thank you so much.

Now i have a question when i bought the asus z97 pro gamer i read reviews first every site said it was a great low budget pc, even this site site
but i have had nothing but trouble with it, i have always bought asus my graphics card is also asus on both computers, so wht is this board so crappy
aisute is not working properly never has not even on my "twin" which is using another version of aisuite the problem on both computer is
if i do not open the aisuite window before i start gaming or editing movies or doing any other stuff the fans do not read the temps and will jump from 21c to
45c when i open and the fans will go crazy and start spinning up.
I am not doing OC i have good hard ware in both computers so i does not need to break a sweat when gaming or other runs fine.
exept for the damn fans not doing what the should.
I have build pc's for more then 20 years i have made my own cases i have programing experience i have a mcp in windows server. so i am not a total idiot.

So has anyone else trouble with the z97 pro gamer board, i only bought the "cheap" version last christmas so 1.5 years ago because i knew that it would be obsolete
fast and it was.
But i am very disapointed with this board i feel asus is not "making boards for the consumer anymore" its all profit and ofc they should make money of there boards
but it seems that "to me" when ever they make a ****ty board the solution is that its cheaper to develop a new board and sell then fix the current once.
20 years ago it was not so they have become to big so no need to make the consumer/user happy anymore, they just throw a new board out its cheap getting stuff made in Taiwan
so no need to "fix" the boards that should never have made it out of the factory.
If some find this offensive WELL TUFF im p... off with nvidia's crap driver and i need to blow steam off.
I still stand by what i wrote the z97 pro gamer board is crap and should never have left the drawing board my z87 v edition works better but do not want to switch back
and install everything again. so ill look for a new board and it will not be asus.
I hope others with same ****ty board also decide no more asus as long as they sh.. on us
thank you

Hi kimkl

I'm using nvidia 365.10 with no problems, if you have the windows installation disk you could boot from it and do a repair.