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No AsusFanControlService

Level 7
Hello. I want to control my fan on my Asus ROG GL752VW laptop because it is being very annoying. However, when I installed Asus's AI Suite 3 and attempted to run it, it says "Invalid class string, ProgID: "AsusFanControlService.FanControlManager". I tried reinstalling AI Suite 3 multiple times. I went to C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS and there was nothing called AsusFanControlService, which is where all the guides I have seen say it should be. This implies to me that the service is not installed on my machine. There appears to be an item in the registry that says "AsusFanService", but there is no path. It only includes an item called "BIOD fan patch".

Where can I download AsusFanControlService?

My fan is apparently set by default to run at either 100% if it is above a certain temperature and 0% if not, which leads to it turning on to max and off again repeatedly. This extremely annoying and it is probably bad for the fan. The fan works properly on my Ubuntu installation, where it runs slowly and only cranks up as the internal temperature increases.

Also, if this is the wrong software for my computer, I would like to know which program I should get.

Level 7
I ran into this problem, too, after installing AI Suite 3. Thankfully I was able to uninstall everything.
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Same problem with GpuFanHelper since last update. Not only does it pop up on every boot, but it launches some stupid Windows help webpage. PLEASE FIX ASUS!