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New tools that work on old motherboards

Level 7
I want to share new tools that i downloaded from new motherboard support page that worked for me. (New Tools from Hero XI that worked on Hero alpha VIII)

Kaspersky Antivirus 2019 (with license, though i didn't use kaspersky 2016, manual upgrade from 2016 to 2019 official version wont work, you need to download ASUS version 2019)

AI Suite III (Only strange ICC bclk value i.e set to Tera Hz! But everything else works)

Gamefirst V (really much better UI than Gamefirst IV)

Memtweak II

i don't take responsibility if newer tools damage anything for you. This is just personal experience and you can take the risk on your own. Thanks 😉

PS: do not get drivers from newer motherboards, it will either wont install or likely makes your computre malfunction.

No need to say don't try bios from new motherboards either cause that wont install or will brick your system! Just get the utilities 😛