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New Problem Aura Wallpaper not updating!

Level 8
What's going on ASUS???? Should we change the brand?
Now Wallpaper not updating its prerequisite update!!!
If any other updates are found in Armoury Crate + the Wallpaper update I must disable the wallpaper for rest update OK!!!! Update All = mess all!
Uninstalled Wallpaper service, trying to update Wallpaper again, guess? nothing!!! and under Armoury Crate/Devices the wallpaper disappeared!!!

Do you need help to develop your software? for sure there is a lot of good people for that!

Level 8
Armoury Crate uninstalled using the tool, installed again (last ver.) now the Ryujin fan sounds like crazy!!!!! Armoury is reporting a WRONG CPU temp !!!!!!!!!!!!
The ROG FAN CONTROLLER under ARMOURY is asking to RUN AUTO FAN TUNING over and over same behavior as Wallpaper!!!!
This crap is not updating nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
None can enjoy a PC like this because will be destroyed due so many boot and reboots, tweaking + tunning,,,enough ASUS. Windows + ASUS!!!??? what to say!