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New laptop, Armoury Crate has started freezing. Also, Per Key RGB?

Level 7
I've treated myself to an early Xmas present and got the ROG Strix Hero III G731GV. Slightly larger than expected but I'm loving it all the same.

One of the features I liked was the Per-Key RGB possibility but so far I've been unable to set them how I want. I've launched Aura Creator and created layers:

Main Keys in Red
WASD & Arrows in Green
Numberpad in Orange

But when I test it or leave it applied it only leaves the top most layer active on everything. For example, ALL red.

Have I missed something here?

And THEN in the last few days Armoury Crate has started freezing up solid within a few seconds of launching it. Enough time to make a selection (or not) and then it freezes. My Crate version is

I've done the normal reboots, updates reboots etc etc
No change.

Any help, info or advice would be appreciated.
Thank you

Level 7
Tried Armoury Crate again this morning and it's not freezing. That's a positive.

It appears the 'lighting' option has disappeared from the 'Device > System' page. It's now only editable from the 'Aura Sync > Aura Effects' page. But at least the Crate is now running again. although it's the same version number ( so I don't know how/why it's different.

Still no change on the Aura Creator layers though. From research I can see there used to be a 'light zones' option. Not sure I want zones when the tout for this laptop said 'Per Key RGB'.

Hopefully it's something that's being worked on.