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New Build- Hero VIII i7 6700k Drivers ???

Level 7
Maybe you can help me? I am building a new Asus Hero VIII and i7 6700k system.. Parts bought and my memory is on the mobo list is below.. I can not get my case until Jan but I think the system should run fine on mobo box and laid out on my desk a few weeks- can think of it as a testing period.. I have built systems before but not from Asus or ROG..

My question is the drivers from the support page is confusing.. I downloaded latest bios 2202 and is on a usb drive and fat32.. I will flash it from EzFlash in bios as soon as boot on system.. I will only use my psu and memory and monitor and Gigabyte gtx 1080 g1 gaming vid card and Noctua d15 cooler and its fans plugged into the mobo- minimal to flash the bios.. After that will add my Samsung 850 evo 500gb ssd and Asus sata dvd burner encase need drivers from disc.. I will install W10 from usb drive.. I want a lean fast gaming machine..

I downloaded the mei and chipset drivers- I guess I should install the chipset first and then mei and other drivers after like sound and video after windows installs w10 and updates.. I do not know if need the software install utility or not? I do not want to install some of the stuff like keybot- overwolf- ramcache- memtweak- kaspersky- daemontools- webstorage- gamefirst- ramdisc- sonic radar..

I guess the sound drivers are package with sonic amp and radar included?? it is like 7 downloads for audio and I am not sure what I need for sound- well most all selections have multi downloads and names and is confusing.. Not sure what sound I need.. I guess yes I want AI suite so I can use its 5 way auto over clocking feature.. Am not sure if need the hot fix- not sure if need the vga drivers being I have a stand alone card.. I guess I need ASUS AI Suite 3 V1.01.30- and lighting controls so can change color on chipset? I want the cpu-z.. The sata - lan and usb all look easy enough and W10 might install somethings for me.. I am trying to get my ducks in a row- download and be ready..

I do not know what these are--> ASUS AO Help and DIP5_10360.. Can you give me a list of exact basic drivers and utilities I need ? I wish this site was set up with the Hero VIII in its own section and threads it would be easier to search and read posts for help on just the one mobo versus willy nilly and everything ran together.. I hope this is not very confusing- lol the drivers page sure is-- I am sorry in advance..

This is what I have- well my psu will be here tomorrow-->


Intel i7 6700K

Dell S2716DG 27"

Noctua NH-D15- cpu cooler

Kingston- HX421C14FBK2/16- 2 stick 16Gb CL14 kit [the old kit with double sided 16x 512mb chips]... I wanted a Corsair CL13 2 stick kit but is not on the mem list and I am afraid to have mem probs so I settle on this and tho normally cost more than the corsairs.. It seems Asus is pushing 4 stick kits- 98% on list is all 4x sticks and I read of tons and tons of problems and xmp etc etc.. My mem should do 2666 same cl14 timings and 1.2 voltage- will see.. Umm I noticed the mem is not on the new mem list but was on the older- I hope it works.. I am so afraid of the mobo- few out today no matter who makes them has much more than a 50% rating- might might not work etc.. I got the whetstone it cost less and has better ratings than the normal hero board- newer I guess- newer bios maybe? I do not care about the mouse pad but will use it..

Gigabyte GTX 1080 G1 Gaming Video Card

Samsung 850 Evo 500GB SSD

EVGA SuperNOVA 750watt 220-G2-0750-XR

Klipsch promedia 2.1 Dell S2716DG 27" 1440p 144hz 1ms Gsync

ASUS DRW-24B1ST dvd burner

* Jan. will get- I am disabled on limited income and have to save- I had a house fire last year and lost everything.. I cant get it all at 1 time- I have a keyboard and mouse until then-->

Thermaltake Core V71- case
LG WH16NS40 Blue Ray Burner
Kingston HyperX Cloud II Over‑Ear Headset ‑ Red..
Logitech G500s Laser Gaming Mouse with Adjustable Weight Tuning
Kensington Slim Type Wired Keyboard (K72357USA)

Thank you

Level 14
Setting up your system outside of a case is actually a great way to make sure everything is working correctly, Chipset, MEI and NIC and Nvidia drivers are all you need to start with, Windows has sound drivers that will work fine for now, you have picked very good components and should have no issues, I have not personally used Kingston Dram for some time but you shouldn't have any unforeseen problems with that kit, make sure to take care installing the CPU and heatsink, may issues can be traced to uneven pressure or over tightening of the heatsink, run your system at defaults for awhile before overclocking or using XMP profile on your memory, ASUS boards are designed to operate with 2 or 4 memory modules but using only one kit of the capacity needed is the best option and memory speed in reality has little impact on overall system performance

Sound drivers usually install everything needed including sonic studio plugins so you don't need multiple installs, it is just confusing due to the number of updated drivers since release, as for all the other included software I never install it, some say they have issues, some say it all works great, I would say if there were issues it would be related to software conflicts with other installed programs

Good luck, and come back to share your experience or ask further advice if needed

Thanks Menthol,

Cool- the few drivers to install sound good.. I read of so many problems with either memory or sound.. I bought this board mostly for its sound tho using a 2.1 speaker set up now I will get 5.1 later.. LOL for like 1 hour a week or so ago Amazon had the Logtech Z906 new for $218.00 not bad but I already bought my klipsch and spent my money at that time and made me sad- normally 350 dollars.. I wanted a gaming board and or ROG and hope it lasts- wanted Intel lan and sata and a lil future proofing too..

Ya I had always read 2 sticks of mem is better than 4.. I almost bought the Dominator's *4 stick CL10 3.5v kit and is on mem list but did not want to pay 150 dollars for them.. I also know these boards are picky and Asus seems to have most all 4 stick kits on its list- have read a lot about mem probs and using like 3000 mem or higher and xmp not working.. These mobos have been out like a year or longer now and still not right is sad.. I wanted the lowest cl and 2 stick kit I could get- the Kingstons was the only ones on the mobo mem list.. We spend a lot of money and want it to work and right- so many have to be rma'ed and cost us like 40 dollars to do so.. I avoid rebates because read how none want to pay up- stuff gets sickening after a while.. I am disabled and have to save for what I want and all I do or care about is gaming- I hope this mobo works and lasts and is the only thing of all I bought that worries me..

I hope it pushes my 1440 monitor good- Gsync should help.. I got 4 new games with parts bought- 2 of them is Gears of War 4 and Watch Dogs 2 and is type games I like and will buy more 🙂 I got my monitor new from Amazon for 499.99 not bad.. Dell is said good monitors and have good warranty- from what I read this is the best of its kind- less problems etc..

I hope every one has great Holidays- if my system works I will..

Oh ya,

Can anyone tell me best free and works in W10 stress test programs to get 100% cpu etc.. I had read of probs with Prime95 and Haswell I think it was.. I normally use Memtest86 and Prime- normally test 12 to 24 hours.. I also have the 3D Mark bundle on Steam- read can run it out side of steam too..


Hi ezeht

Welcome to the ROG forum !

ROG Realbench is a good stress testing program to use.

I'm using 16GB of Kingston HyperX Predator and it works well, you see people having problems with higher speed ram because higher speed ram in most cases needs some voltage tweaking in the bios.

Just to give you a little insight of what you can expect performance wise here is Doom I recorded with Xsplit Gamecaster which Asus gives you a year free, if you plan on using Xsplit Gamecaster click on the guide in my signature at the bottom of my post.

This is with the ROG Strix 1070, keep an eye on the Frames Per Second at the top right corner.


I can only view in 720p on this old lap top.. Nice FPS.. I normally record with Fraps and ZD Soft and convert resize with Any Video Converter a great program.. Neither fraps or ZD works with all games- normally if 1 would not the other would- now Nvidia has its own recording program and Ansel too for screen shots- I think W10 has a recorder too- so I think I might be good.. I cant wait to try Ansel but think only certain games allow it..

I am a big fan of making my in game videos and taking screens and making Animated Gifs from both and posting them into or on game forums or add to my facebook youtube or Steam.. I have over 3000 vids on Youtube- deleted like 2,900 and lost like 17,000 in the fire last year.. Fire sucks and if not burn can surely ruin everything.. So I have not had much and have been saving all I can for my gaming rig- not played a game since last Sep 2015.. Am on this old laptop of my sisters it cant game or none I like but I can get on the net and watch netflix etc.. I cant wait to max out my settings in my games- 35fps is fine for me and if smooth while recording- ya 60 or more is better or some go crazy over it- id rather max all settings and enjoy the beauty and have a few less fps if needed lol- I might only be able to go 4x aa with 1440 but should look fine- will max everything else tho and I love NV Physx.. I do not know if I will ever get 144 fps on my monitor but the 1440p and Gsync should be nice.. I think my G1 gaming 1080 will do pretty good- it has high ratings and clocks and cost less than the others.. I wish I could have waited for the 1080Ti but is still a few months away.. I was waiting for holiday sales to buy or most of it and have to test etc and return to store bought from if any probs- so the Ti is to far away- but is ok.. I will save my money for a new 1180 when it comes out a few years from now and already thinking ahead lol 🙂

I want to buy but will be a few months from now- Fallout 4- Dishonored 2 and the new Tomb Raider game- Witcher 4- Mafia 3- the new Doom game- the new Metal Gear games- maybe Just Cause 4 and the FarCry 4 and FC Primal and a few more- the longer I wait and or catch sales the less they will cost for sure.. Gees I have so many- well I lost all my retail discs in fire like 650 games- but I have near 1100 on Steam and others on Origin and Uplay and GFWL.. Wanted 1000 games on my Steam so was buying the heck out of bundles- now will only buy what I will play and is tons on my Steam I have not played yet lol.. Stalker SOC is what ive played most- like 72x and 8,000 hours about 50/50 nilla/ mods- well played UT04 for 17 hours a day for 2.5 years so many hours in that.. Fallout3 and first Borderlands games have like 3,500 in each- all of those was retail disc games- but many I also have on Steam or other platforms too- all pc tho- I do not touch consoles.. I need 50 more hours on Steam in Borderlands 2 for 1000 hours- need like 300 in Saints Row The Third to have 1000- was almost there before the fire.. If my ROG lasts I will get there and play the heck out of some games and make more videos etc- Woot 🙂

I started gaming and built my first rig in 2004 when became disabled- an Abit system.. My first games was Unreal Tournament 2004 and HalfLife 2- been mostly loving it since other than games have gone 7 dlc' and poor made for AM-- and port games and Windows doing all it can to mess things up.. I loved XP and W7- skipped W8 and now read of all the communist guff with W10 near same as with Vista junk- I do not think I will much like W10 but MS is forcing it on us or if want new hardware anyway- and then most of the hardware seems like poor made in China junk anymore.. IMO Gaming has gone down since 2004- am sad to say.. The first time something is lost or W10 reboots my system in middle of something or installs something I do not want I am going to have chit fits and want to bust it all up.. I always did updates when seen the icon and after I am done with what was doing- vid drivers and such I never upgraded unless a new game would not work right- and newer drivers always broke something- like my recording programs or some older game I played.. Now W10 and MS does what it wants and is not right IMO.. W10 like Vista trying to force us to buy all new hardware- but unlike then- now most hardware might might not work.. It looks better and flashy lights etc but quality has gone down since Sandy and they sold us junk knowing it had to be recalled- each mobo since has gotten worse and worse- and the cpu's are not even soldered anymore.. I guess these companies are making a few extra dollars off of the rma shipping they charge us- and surely they are helping out the mem makers by forcing us to buy 4 stick kits on the lists because if not it might not work- a shameful industry if ask me.. Had I known things would go like is I would have picked another hobby- or just chase girls and drink or something.. Maybe AMD will make Intel and Nvidia stuff do better- no hope for MS I dont think..

So sorry to hear about the fire destroying your stuff but at least you're here with us. 🙂

You my friend are quite the gamer and I thought I had alot of games jeeesh, I been seeing not so good reviews on mafia 3 you might want to look into that before getting it.

I would like to check out some of your youtube game videos sometime. I never recorded my gameplay until I got Xsplit Gamecaster with the ROG Strix 1070 and I think it's cool. You are right the game must support Ansel to use it and as of right now I don't think there are too many that support it.

I'm like you I prefer quality settings then if there is still some headroom add a little AA. You may not hit 144 FPS in all games but you'll easily be over 60 FPS. I'm looking forward to hearing how you like your new pc and how it performs. 🙂


Fedx changed my delivery to Thur 😞 maybe will come tomorrow.. Been waiting months and months and my sweet 27'' monitor has been sitting here looking at me for like 5 months now- never turned on- this lap top cant push it.. All else my Klipsch on I have got since my birthday in Oct and as seen a few nice sales- bought some furniture too.. I moved here to Wisconsin last year with a very few things.. I will get there.. I do not worry about what I do not have or about them with more- I worked and or save for what I want and when I can get it and happy with what I have and what the gods do or not bless me with.. I know the gods bless some more than others and they are gods for a good reason 🙂

Stuff parts have been looking at me for months- another day or 2 it all starts to come together.. If nothing is broken out of the box it will be Good.. I might die here in my chair a game running in the future- is fine with me- I do not plan to live forever lol.. I am no boy and been with way more than my share of women and was married 2x and have grown kids- my oldest my girl is 32.. Gaming is what I like to do and I will 🙂

All right !

Finally only 2 more days, I'm just as excited as you are. When you get it together post us some videos of your awesome gameplay. 🙂

My youtube channel

I kind of stopped uploading vids- they get no views anymore- only them that partner and run ads get views 😞

Youtube use to a have a just uploaded vid section- my vids would get 100s of views before they all uploaded- they dropped that and seems only them that partner get his vids bumped to front of the list and get views.. Took away a lot of the fun of getting views and comments etc.

I will in the future upload more- maybe a few from each game I play or have- was going to upload more when got around to it but lost all I had..